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Just like anything in life, everyone has a story to tell. I’m no different. All of Accent Aroma’s products has it’s own story with emotional and personal experiences for me. Each product was created with love because they were made to help me or someone I love with real problems. It all started with me making Custom Gel Candles after a extended time at home due to a illness.

My journey into the Whipped Shea Butter and Natural Soaps came in later when three of my grandsons were on steroids for their eczema. I looked at many alternative skin care products to use instead of steroids but found none on the market. I was also shocked by the fact that everything I looked at that was suppose to be “organic” and “natural” were not. Many of the organic and natural skin care products were laced with chemicals and preservatives. I worked on my own formula until I had success with products that not only keep their eczema under control but also removed their dark marks. The formula for my Whipped Shea Butter which is a four butter blend is also infused with a Custom Herbal Oil Blend. It is the ultimate face and body cream. Our Natural Bath & Body Soaps are a perfect compliment to the Whipped Shea Butter to help promote healthy glowing skin.

On to my Go Natural Deodorant. My cousin died due to breast cancer and my granddaughter had a breast cancer scare at 16 years old. My Mother also had breast cancer. While at a breast cancer seminar with my Mom, I learned about the alleged dangerous effects the aluminum chloride in deodorant had on the body and the breast. I started making Go Natural Deodorant, and I was surprised how well it kept me and my family odor free.

My Accent Organic Hair Care was formulated after my daughter stripped and permed her shoulder length hair and needless to say, her hair fell out. After about 18 months of regular use of Accent Organic Hair Care, her hair is now past her shoulders. Her hair is healthy without added water, petroleum, chemicals, or preservatives.

My then 17 years old grandson would put on lip balm every 5 minutes. After doing research, I found that petroleum is a very drying product and therefore it had to be applied often. Also I found that petroleum is a waste product of oil and gas. I made my Moist Lip Balm and also came up with a formula for my Blister Buster Lip Balm that can help to shorten the life of cold sores.

What a Relief!!! Natural Pain Reliever was created for my husband who had surgery on both of his knees. He wanted something natural to help with his pain management, and I was happy to go to my “lab” and create something for him. What a Relief!!! gave him temporary relief from his pain without the use of chemicals. I’m sure over time I will formulate more products, but for now they are made according to my families needs.

Accent Aroma is based in Philadelphia, PA. I use only the best ingredients in my products and they are enriched with Special Blends of Herbal Infused Natural Oil and Essential Oils while being preservative free. I want only the best for my family as I know you want for yours. Let Accent Aroma treat you like family.

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