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We Are All Born Special

Toni Cobb2 Comments

Growing up with a large extended family we spent a lot of time together. There were many joyous moments but there were also many trying times that are still etched in my memory. A drawback of so many people with a multitude of dynamic personalities was endless erratic craziness. The family disagreements and violent behavior seemed to happen like a spontaneous combustion.

Like many children I had imaginary friends. During these turbulent times my spirits only jobs were to keep me safe and to be my playmates when I felt lonely. Nurturing a child's spiritual gifts can be as simple as not discouraging their play or conversation with their invisible friends. I was lucky enough to have a Mom who never suppressed my imagination.

The spiritual environment has shifted significantly over the years. Depending on the year of their birth you could have a Star, Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow child in your life. These multitudes of children come into life remembering their past lives, communicating with spirits and angels, showing the natural ability to use energy for healing, or exhibiting a deep knowledge of spiritual truths. They also can have an uncanny connection with others, animals and the universe. These beautiful gifts are often misunderstood as mental and behavioral disorders, making these gifts feel like a curse that require constant explaining. The effects result in many of these God given gifts being hidden, underdeveloped or sitting dormant.

My first memorable incident with spirit I can remember happened at 5 years old. It was so traumatic that I can still remember the episode like it was yesterday. I was standing on the steps of our home knocking on the door. My Mother looked out of the second floor window and said she would be down to open the door. A big gust of wind came out of nowhere. I ‘heard’ a voice say to put my sweater over my head and look down, which I did. At that very moment the second floor window pane fell out. The full window pane tumbled down towards me from two stories high at an accelerated rate. The corner of the fallen window hit the top of my head, then bounced off my sweater and cut my left cheek. It created a 1” scar in the top of my head and a 6” scar on my left cheek. If I didn’t receive the 'message' my head would have been spit open or it would have possibly killed me. I live each day with the scars but I am alive by the grace of God and my spirit guides.

"Sometimes I just look up, smile, and say I know it was you God, thank you!"