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My Radical Faith

Toni CobbComment

My Radical Faith blog posts are small snippets of my thoughts, spiritual journey, and development through my experiences and trance writings. My hope is that something will encourage someone to initiate their search to connect with their path, higher self and higher power. It took 58 years of my life to genuinely understand the difference between spirituality and religion.

I embarked on a transition that has given me an enhanced perspective of my connection to everyone and everything in the universe. With my transformation I no longer believe that my gifts are evil and not of God.

They are gifts from the Creator, no different from a talented singer, artist or writer. I feel blessed to be an empath, light worker, healer and psychic, and live authentically. It has opened my consciousness and allowed me to speak and live in my truth. I will no longer allow my vision to be blurred by conventional societal concepts that define my spiritual beliefs, gifts, path and journey.

Self-acceptance has removed so many of my fears, anxiety, frustrations and the emotional imbalance I felt throughout my life. I have learned the importance of self-love, self-worth and self-care in expanding my spiritual development. My spiritual clarity has also opened up my understanding of the reasons my family has a high rate of religious extremes and mental illness. I whole heartily embrace who I am and I can finally live comfortably in my own skin.

Peace of mind is one of the most beautiful solaces in life.